Conférences invitées

Yves Pigneur, professor at University of Lausanne.

Titre : Designing business tools for the future – the contribution of IS.

Résumé : Based on his work with Alex Osterwalder on business models, Yves Pigneur will suggest that research in business innovation could be improved and enlightened by design science research in Information Systems. He will highlight three areas in which research in IS could inform the development of new business tools. The first area concerns the identification, formalization, and visualization of core constructs and models of interest related to business innovation and co-design of the “Enterprise of the future”. The second area corresponds to the exploration of how design thinking techniques might contribute to improving the design and test of alternatives in business creation. The third area addresses the research in computer-aided design assisting the process of designing business objects.


Sudha Ram, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of MIS, Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

Titre : Leveraging Big Data and Analytics For Creating a Smarter and Better World.

Résumé : The phenomenal growth of social media, mobile applications, sensor based technologies and the Internet of Things is generating a flood of “Big Data” and disrupting our world in many ways. In this talk I will examine the paradigm shift caused by Big data and discuss how Analytics and Data science can be used to to harness its power and create a smarter world. Using examples from health care, smart cities, education, and business in general, I will highlight challenges and opportunities for extracting value from Big Data to develop an enterprise of the future.


Guillaume Tardiveau, Head of Digital Enterprise Research Domain, Orange Labs Research.

Titre :  Business Ecosystem in 2025.

Résumé : Over the last decades companies have used data as a substitue to paper and files. Lately internet, which is a digital native by all means, seems to be moving in the opposite direction by emerging in the physical world of objects. What should we expect from this encounter, and from the transformations that it will trigger on the way enterprises work? Anticipate the evolutions of enterprises on a 10-15 years timeframe is not easy, considering their diversity and the changing nature of their environment. This talk proposes to start from the Porter model and explore the relations between enterprises and their ecosystem (internal/external) as well as the way they work.


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